How are Pearls Formed?

How Pearls Are Formed

How are pearls formed? Discover pearl’s allure perfect for June and far beyond— To limit pearls to June birthdays would be a lot like limiting water to streams and ponds. Pearl beauty, appeal, and style — whether freshwater or saltwater — finds its way into almost every woman’s wardrobe. And …

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Pearls and Crystals

Pearls and Crystals

A Makeover For Your Pearls ~ by adding Crystals Have you seen what we can do with your pearls? A wave of a magic wand and your pearls are ready for The Ball, your Wedding Day or just because you can never wear too much bling! Wedding Day – What to Wear Wondering what to …

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Threaders – Ear Thread Earrings


The Threader Will Become Your Favorite Earring ~ Simple, Elegant and the most comfortable earrings you have ever worn Curve Threader 14K Gold ~ Curve Threader $125 Multiple Ear Piercings Threader One Earring…Thread Through Multiple Ear Piercings Sphere Threader 14K Gold ~ Sphere Threader $150