Creative Engagement

Many people have always dreamed of having a large public engagement. These dream engagements were spectacular public acts of love like taking a trip to Paris and being proposed to on the Eiffel Tower or proposing at a live event like a concert or sporting event. Unfortunately, times have changed, making most public proposal ideas impossible to execute. Even restaurant proposals are virtually out of the question anymore! These limitations should never stop you from asking your true love, “will you marry me?” There are countless remote, yet creative proposal ideas with a twist that will still take your true love’s breath away and sweep them off their feet. You simply need to plan a proposal that has the level of grandeur and romance your partner has always dreamed of but in a safe social distancing environment.

Fun Engagement Proposals

Having fun and being in love both release dopamine, increasing your happiness. The happier you are, especially when that happiness is being influenced by your partner, can psychologically increase your love for them. This wonderful endorphin cycle is basically a positive biological feedback loop! People often go the extra mile when proposing in hopes of sparking this dopamine reaction – a well thought-out and executed proposal increases the chances of getting an enthusiastic “YES!” from the one you love. So, choosing a fun activity your partner enjoys as a foundation and conduit for your proposal is without a doubt a brilliant idea!

Scavenger Hunt Proposal

A fun activity that almost anybody could enjoy is a cute scavenger hunt proposal. These can be entirely indoors if you live in an apartment, outdoors if you have property, or a mixture of both. Unlike traditional scavenger hunts with a list of items to find, a proposal scavenger hunt takes your future fiancée from one gift to another with clues placed with each gift, indicating the next item’s location. This way, you control the order in which your partner finds each gift, leading up to the grand finale – your proposal and a ring like this spiral engagement ring R9766W. Make sure every clue is written romantically and clever, because having a note that just says, “look at the plant” is not nearly as dreamy as saying something like, “with attention and care, it grows larger and stronger every day, just like our love.” Also, make sure every gift is something your partner will adore and that will bring a smile to their face, reminding them why they love you.

Paint and Sip Proposal

One of the hottest activities right now is attending a paint and sip class. These classes are great for people of every artistic level, from beginners who can barely draw stick figures to master artists who can recreate the Mona Lisa. The point of these classes is to have fun while getting buzzed with those you love. Even though you cannot attend actual paint and sip classes right now, you can set up your very own paint and sip proposal for you and your partner.

Here is what you should do:

Buy your partner’s favorite wine, find an online painting tutorial you think they’d enjoy, and get the necessary products to create the painting (most video tutorials will tell you what you need to buy). The trick in making this proposal work is challenging one another to not look at the other’s painting until the end. Tell your partner this will make the experience more fun because you can have a final reveal, seeing how well you both did. At this point, you will surprise your love with a canvas that says, “will you marry me?” or something more creative like, “will you paint with me for the rest of our lives?” You can paint your proposal message on top of the tutorial painting or paint something completely different during the activity, like a couple holding hands or an engagement ring. After an hour or more of painting and sipping wine together, you and your future fiancée should be in the perfect mood for a love-fueled proposal featuring a spiral engagement ring like R9635W that represents two lives intertwining.

Game Night Proposal

If you want some friends or family with you when you propose, consider an interactive game of charades. Charades is perfect for proposals because no matter what the card you pull, you can literally act out proposing at any point during the game! This way, you can wait until the perfect moment to get down on one knee and ask the big question. A group setting like this is also perfect for capturing your proposal on camera. You could even live-stream the event! Just make sure at least one of your friends are in on the plan, ready to take their phone out at a moment’s notice. Now, even though you couldn’t have a big public proposal, you can still share the moment with everyone in your life and cherish the video for the rest of your lives.

A Pictionary proposal can also be a very fun and clever idea, especially if your partner is the type to get very passionate about game nights. Again, we suggest having a friend in on the proposal and at some point during the game, have them start drawing out a really bad representation of “proposing.” After yelling out some outlandish suggestions to throw your future fiancée off your trail, say “I know what it is!” When they turn towards you excitedly to hear the answer, grab their hand, get down on one knee, and say “It is a proposal… I think we make it look better than their drawing… So, will you marry me?” It is corny but cute! Yet, in case your partner is so good at the game that they guess “proposing” before your plan can be executed, just get down on one knee right then and there and say your wonderfully corny, yet romantic proposal line. We are positive it will bring a smile to their face and tears to their eyes!

Romantic Engagement Proposals

If your true love is a more low-key individual or someone who romanticizes getting married, you will probably be more successful with an intimate romantic proposal. To create the perfect magical experience for your partner, these types of proposals require a lot of time and effort. Most of these romantic proposal ideas are perfect for a candle-lit room, manifesting the perfect dreamy mood for a proposal while enhancing the entire experience for you both.

Photo Album Proposal

When you can’t take your love to a new location for your proposal, instead, take them down memory lane with a homemade scrapbook following the timeline and important moments of “Your Love Story.” We suggest using a real photo album instead of making a digital book because you can put significant knickknacks and mementos into the sleeves of an album. More importantly, for a proposal twist, you can put the actual engagement ring into the album. Whereas with a printed book, you’d have to tape the ring in or just present it separately from the album, which takes away from the sentimentality of the scrapbook proposal. Just imagine how much your partner’s eyes will sparkle when they turn the page and see a stunning spiral engagement ring like RQ9695W within the pages of your love story, accompanied with the words “Will you marry me?”

You can either fill a smaller photo album completely, featuring your proposal and ring on the final page – this way the scrapbook acts as Book One of your love story. Or, get a larger book and on the ring/proposal page, say something like “and there are many more adventures yet to come…” Additionally, to make this proposal as romantic as possible, it needs to look like you spent a good amount of time making the book beautiful and sentimental. The album should focus on all the wonderful, happy, exciting, and loving moments you two have spent together. After seeing all the hard work you put into your scrapbook and proposal, you are bound to make your true love’s heart soar. Also, if you do not know how to make a scrapbook, ask your mom, go to your local craft store, or look up tutorials – you are bound to find inspiration!

A Musical or Poetic Proposal

Imagine the one you love surprising you with a song or poem they wrote just for you. You would feel like the center of their universe… You would feel more important and loved than ever before… You would be taken into a new and exciting emotional realm full of comforting words that soothe your spirit and refresh your soul… You would literally fall in love all over again as your partner serenades you with their heartfelt writing… This is the power of proposing with a song or poem you wrote yourself. Additionally, this proposal idea can easily be combined with a romantic home cooked dinner, or a dreamy picnic. So, if you want to woo your partner with delicious food but don’t want a basic romantic meal proposal, create and serve up your original song or poem as desert for an exciting twist to the whole experience.

Beach Proposal

The beach has always been a perfect backdrop for romance and love. When your proposal is combined with the sound of the tides, the smell of the sea, the wind blowing through your hair, and a stunning spiral engagement ring that looks like waves on the ocean like RQ9350W – you are bound for success. Just don’t accidentally drop and lose your ring in the water or sand! Instead of clumsily holding the engagement ring in your pocket when you propose at the beach, put it in something more unique and themed for the setting.

One cute beach proposal idea is putting your ring in a homemade letter in a bottle, then pretending to find it at the beach. To add theatrics, buy an antique bottle with a wide mouth, a small piece of weathered leather, and old parchment paper. First, wrap the ring in old leather and place it at the bottom of the bottle. Next, write a beautiful love letter, keeping it vague by writing overly romantic proclamations of love but stating no names. Now roll up the letter and place it on top of the ring in the bottle. After completing and corking the bottle, bury it in a hidden but easily locatable place at your beach of choice. Finally, take the one you love to the beach and “accidentally” uncover the bottle. Once discovered, open the bottle and read the letter out loud, then let your partner look at the letter. While they are distracted by the letter, pour the ring into your hand, get on one knee, and propose. Your partner will be transported from a historical letter in a bottle romance into their very own modern-day love story.

Another sweet idea is putting the ring in a shell jewelry box, placing it in the sand without your partner noticing, and then acting like you found it at the beach. You can either hand into your partner to open then get on one knee, or you can get down on one knee and open the shell towards them. Etsy has many wonderful shell jewelry boxes you could purchase for this magical beach engagement. Our favorite ring holding shells are pineconeman’s Oyster Shell Jewelry Boxes and TheClassyClothesPin’a Proposal Shells. These ring holders are not only perfect for a beach proposal, but they will also make a wonderful memento your true love can treasure and pass down to your children.

Digital Wedding Proposals

Modern technology has revolutionized how people connect and it makes many daily tasks quicker, easier, and more streamlined. Technology can do the same with your proposal. By utilizing your technological know-how, you can create an innovative and unexpected digital proposal that will hopefully stand the test of time, just like your love for one another.

Website Proposal

Similar to our scrapbook proposal idea, you can create a proposal website. This website can be a timeline of your love story, featuring significant moments and pictures of you two together. A proposal website should take your partner on a journey through your shared history and into the future by hinting at the life you could have together. The final proposal page could simply feature the ring you bought, a picture of you holding the ring, or even a live streaming video of you asking them to be yours forever – just for your true love to turn around and see you on one knee. If you create a digital proposal that is creative, fun, and sentimental, it will be nearly impossible to say “No,” especially when you show off a stunning spiral ring like R1064W.

Snapchat Proposal

Snapchat is a very popular social media app for millennial and gen z consumers, featuring playful lenses that alter your image with graphics before you take a picture, as well as filters you can add after the picture has been taken. The coolest part of the lenses and filters is that you can create and upload your very own to use! We suggest creating a proposal geofilter and a “She said Yes” geofilter. Once created, submit your filters to snapchat and set them to appear at the time and location of your planned proposal. When the day finally arrives and you take your future fiancé to the location, snap a cute picture together, then surprise her with the filter, the ring, and your proposal. After they say “YES!” take a second picture of you two, showing off the ring and your second post-proposal filter. Just imagine how amazing and personalized your engagement announcement photos will look framed in the filters you made – your fiancé, friends, and family will swoon over the wonderful piece of art you created.

As an added bonus, geofilters are an inexpensive but adorable way to propose, only costing about $5 for a 20K square foot radius. This is an easy investment for anybody to make! Additionally, if you do not have the best design skills, you can always hire a graphic designer to create a completely original filter design or you can purchase a customized geofilter off of Etsy.

We hope these fun proposals ideas with a twist inspire you and help you plan the best proposal ever. With enough thought, effort, and love put into the proposal, you are sure to surprise and delight your future fiancé, even if they always wanted that Paris proposal. When in doubt, you can bring Paris into your home and create an experience you both will look back upon fondly.

Wishing you a lifetime of joy and love.