Beware of Buying Diamonds Online

The 10 most important things about purchasing diamonds:

  1. Did you know that the most important thing about diamonds cannot be found on any certificate? SPARKLE! The internet cannot tell you how much a diamond sparkles.
  2. IT’S FOREVER – This may be the most precious item you will ever own. Websites come and go but a diamond is forever.
  3. DIAMOND DATE PROFILES – On dating websites, how often is a person like his or her profile? The same is true of on-line diamond profiles. You must see a diamond before you buy it. If you are given all of the dimensions of a woman can you tell if she is beautiful? NO! The same is true for diamonds.
  4. FEELING – The experience of picking out this special diamond is one that will last a lifetime.
  5. ON-LINE IS NOT EASY – If you order a diamond on-line you can have it shipped to your home. You have a scale at home to check the diamond’s weight, right? You have a diamond master to check the color grade? You are fully insured if the company says they sent you a diamond and you received an empty box?
  6. EXAMINE BEFORE YOU BUY – Diamond dealers do not buy diamonds without seeing them! Why would you?
  7. THE VALUE OF PICKING – Having a professional choose a diamond selection for you is the best way to get great value. With their effort, time and knowledge they may reject up to 99% of the diamonds they find and only show you the best of the best.
  8. SERVICE – What if you have a problem a few months from now. Who will take responsibility? What is peace of mind worth to you?
  9. HORROR STORIES – We have all heard the horror stories of fake certificates and dishonest on-line sellers.
  10. RANGES WITHIN GRADES – There is a reason why one diamond is cheaper than another. Not every SI1 G is the same. DeBeers sorts rough diamonds into over a thousand different categories. There are many degrees within grades.